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    (1)Establish good relationship with customers

    In addition to products, customers will also pay attention to the culture of the enterprise, the concept of the enterprise, the service of the enterprise, to establish a good relationship with customers is the basic guarantee for the success of enterprise marketing, to establish a consumer-oriented concept, all from the consumer, and this concept is throughout the entire process of enterprise production and management.Establish the business purpose of serving consumers wholeheartedly, and realize that to safeguard the interests of consumers is to safeguard their own interests.

    (2)Serve with action

    We should not only advocate and demonstrate the "customer first, heart service" this work concept of professional ethics elegant demeanour, but also apply the practical work action to interpret the "customer first" spirit of humanistic service.Under the premise of adhering to the tenet of "satisfaction service is above all", the service should be customized according to the changing environment.

    (3)Establish own core technical capabilities

    To form a technology innovation strategy with independent research and development as the core, and continuously improve the ability of independent innovation from the five dimensions of core competence through various ways.

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